vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

That's all I'm going to say about the 100 cod story

I know, a lot has been said already about the nonsensical story that there is only 100 cod left, but there is one thing I hadn't even noticed back then. The Telegraph gave its article the following title:
Just 100 cod left in North Sea
Then the subtitle said:
Overfishing has left fewer than 100 adult cod in the North Sea, it was reported.

This is different than "100 cod" - not all are adult. Perhaps the author changed his or her mind as he/she went along writing the article. Perhaps by fewer than 100 adults he/she meant to say something like 98 adults, which leaves 2 juveniles... Nevermind. The caption under the figure in the article said:
Not a single cod aged over 13 was caught in the North Sea last year.

Most cod is mature before the age of six.

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