zaterdag 30 juni 2012

My highlights from EAERE 2012

My highlights from the 19th annual conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists:
  • I was surprised to see how crude estimates of travel costs still are in non-market valuations of recreational sites;
  • Also, how few of those studies have done a proper qualitative analysis before they do their quantitative study;
  • Linda Nøstbakken had a very nice paper on how a combination of diversified monitoring and self-reporting incentives can greatly enhance monitoring of fisheries legislation;
  • Martin Quaas proposed using a "shadow interest rate" as a way of expressing the quality of fisheries management;
  • Nick Hanley is a Les Paul man:

And rightly so; Fender people are evil.

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  1. And to think I used to think highly of both you and Nick Hanley....I need to find fender loving economists to look up to now...

    Anyone who doesn't appreciate the irreplicable twang of telecaster is a heathen, philistine and fool. Much like this guy....